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When we talk about Unified Vendor Code, it indicates the clean & unique vendor code across group. After all, the purpose of Unification is to ensure the integration of all vendor data in a master database which eliminates redundant data storage as well a proper system to maintain the data. Vendor unification is composed of three essential processes: Online System, Approval and Control unified code through MDM cell. Online system takes into consideration about the existing vendor code, its mapping table, new vendor code request, code extension request and integration with SAP.
The next step is to go through a defined Approval system through HOD. This process ensures the “Approved Vendor Panel” for each commodity. It also restricts the business with “Rejected / Blacklisted” vendor across group. 
MDM is the centralized cell who is responsible to maintain the Unified Vendor Code & its related mapping table both in online system & SAP. This is the only cell who is authorized to create or change the unified vendor code across group.